Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"Fun" Saturday

Saturday November 15, 2008
I (Kevin) wanted to get some work done on the garage we are building. Mom (Ann) and I had not been to the temple for awhile and need to get some things. Cory wanted Neal to help get some firewood. So, we figured that Mom and I would leave early (4:00 am) and get back hopefully by noon, by then Cory and Neal should be back from hauling wood and we could work on the garage for awhile. Not long after Mom and I got back, Neal called and said that the battery had died on the truck and that Grandpa (Lenard) was going to come up to hep them. I decided to ride up there with him. Grandpa and I got back around 2:30. I did some work on the garage. Around 3:15 we received another call from Neal. He said they were on the way in and that Cory had "nicked" him with the chainsaw. They were sawing down a tree when the saw kicked back onto his leg. When they got home, we looked at the wound and knew he definitely would need stitches (it was more than a nick) We took him to the emergency room and Dr Katchke put 29 stitches below his left knee. If the cut had been a little higher he would have got the Patella tendon and that would have need surgery. He did Nick the bone but not bad enough to worry about. All in all he was fortunate it was not worse. We are grateful for that. If you want pictures just email Neal and he will send you some.

Neal had a couple of poems he need to write for English class. For one of them he had to use four words, Hazardous, bodacious, shizzle and sizzle. Sunday evening he went to Cory and Melissa house for them to help with the poems. Following is the one they come up about the accident.

Just Another Day

It started out, just another bodacious day
Of chopping wood, “Great fun,” I might say.
I soon discovered we shouldn’t be there
For problems arose… more than our share.
Past days of chopping wood have just flown,
But today the saw had a mind you might call its own.
Once we stopped sawing, the saw wouldn’t start
For at least an hour, though, that wasn’t the worst part.
The saw started once again and we worked some more
To the sound of the saw’s very loud roar.
We felt good for just a moment, or less
For we soon found we were in quite a mess.
The battery in the truck was really dead,
Not a sizzle, or a spark. “Oh great”, I said.
For I was with my brother and his 3-year old kid,
Under the covers that morning I should have hid.
That’s not the worst part yet you see,
A hazardous event was waiting for me.
The saw was on and running once more,
It was cutting our final tree, and then I swore.
“Oh shizzle”, was something I might have said
I thought “At least I’m not yet dead.”
For it grazed my gigantic leg you see,
It was supposed to have gotten the tree!
We rushed down to the emergency room
Then we waited for the doctor who came pretty soon.
Lucky for me there would be no surgery
Though, I wasn’t yet home free, you see.
Twenty-nine stitches just under my knee.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

homecoming dance.

This year I decided to ask a girl to the homecoming dance, so after asking around someone told me I should ask this girl who moved here this year. Her name is Bonnie. So I got together with two of my friends Cody and Dylan, and together we planned a date. We took our rhino and Cody and Dylan and there dates, Britt and Erika, took a friends four seater rhino up to saw mill canyon which is going up towards mount Ella. They packed some 22 pistols and we took some cans and shot those up. Then ate lunch and dinked around up there for a little and then came back and did some more stuff around here and then took them home and went to the dance. So here are some pictures of us and the group. I don't have any pictures of the days events sorry about that.


Well the regular football season is over now with the lynx's in first place with a record of 6-1. I (Neal) have held up pretty well this season, even though i have re-hurt my ankle again, but it is feeling pretty good now and I have not missed a game, so that I am proud of. So now it's playoff time our first game will be against mountain view in panaca. Then if we win that game the next week we play either battle mountain or whittel ( schools in the north) but either way we will play in panaca because we are the #1 team in the south. Then if we win that we will go to state which will be November 22ND, in Las Vegas. So this is quite the way to end my final season playing high school football. So to conclude this post I will post a couple pictures of some of the games. I am number 68 if you can see me in any of these.

We have a couple of posts we need to do..I am really late in posting about our shed we are in the process of putting up. For the last few years when it comes to tilling the garden in the fall, I think I should put a shed here to cut down on weed control etc. This last spring we finally decided to build the garage. After studying several options, we decided on a metal building. We had a local contractor pour the cement. The building was delivered in early July. On October 11, some brethren from the ward, Cory, Neal and Marie and Joe and Family came over for a work party to put up the garage. We would have finished with all the arches except we were missing one piece. Then a week later, with those that come home for our high school home coming Neal, Cory, Joe, Andrew, Jeff and I tightened up a lot of the bolts. I really appreciate all who have helped with this. With my shoulder problems and surgery this summer, it has been hard for me to do a lot on this project. The last couple of days, we finished the last arch, and tightened all the bolts. Now we have the endwalls to do.