Monday, September 7, 2009

I have had a great, busy summer. The first week of June we had a Smith family reunion with our children at Heber, UT. Two weeks later Kevin and I went with Neal to Kansas City, MO for the national skills competition. The third week in July I drove to Salt Lake City to visit with Alma's family and Jeanette's family. I also got to see some of my brothers and sisters and families along with Mom. In the middle of the week I flew to Reno, NV to work on state reading curriculum. Then on July 28 I got up early to attend a workshop in Ely, NV for the Desert Research Institute. Before I left home Jeanette called to tell me that she was going to have the babies. I drove to Ely to give my excuse for not attending and on to Salt Lake City, UT. It was a rush trip but I missed the delivery of the twins by 30 minutes. I stayed with Jeanette for a day and then came home.

A couple of weeks after that Kevin went to a church farm committee meeting near Ely and then went on to SLC to meet the twins. At the end of August I then went to SLC again to help Jeanette and Jeff when the twins came home from the hospital.

In between trips; I had jury duty, watched grandchildren, went to the dentist and cleaned house some.

On Labor day after seeing the parade in Pioche, Kevin, Neal, I and a friend of Neal's took the Rhino and 4 wheeler to Ella Mt. lookout tower. It was a fun ride and we sure enjoyed the day.