Friday, November 20, 2009

A crazy Friday

This morning Neal and I went to Cory's house to strip.....paint off the walls in the kitchen. We started with toxic stripper (Melissa and the boys went to Monroe ). We had the house well ventilated, and started scraping paint. Grandpa Smith was there and after an hour of scraping he decided that that was too hard. He had heard that heating the paint would take it off. So he got a blow torch and proceded to heat the walls and low and behold the paint was much easier to get off.

At 11:00 Neal left us and went riding with some friends. Cory, Grandpa and I continued to work unitl about 3:00 when Cory's phone rang and Neal told him that he wrecked on his 4 wheeler and might have broken his collar bone. Cory came with me and dad had already gotten here. Neal was very dirty and shoulder's uneven. We took him to the hospital and he did break the collar bone mid shaft. He is now in a sling and will wear that for a month.

The Dr. said that he will be okay for his mission. The friends he was with were very helpful and came to the hospital to see if he was okay.