Sunday, September 28, 2008

Half Way Through

Well Lincoln county high schools football team is now half way through the football season. (not counting playoffs or state) Our team is doing really well we are 1-2 in preseason. (one win and two loses for those who don't know) and 2-0 in regular season. I (Neal) have been holding up very well until last game. It was just about half time and white pine scored and they were kicking off. Well the kick came right to me and I tried catching the ball, and being the line men that I am I dropped it!! So I ran to recover it and as I was diving for it a bunch of people tried to dive for it and one happened to land right into my ankle and re-spraining it. For those that don't know last year, about 3 weeks before the season ended, during practice a kid was thrown and happened to land right on my ankle spraining it. So after a lot of work, physical therapy and stuff to keep that from happening well it happened again. But being the small school we are and not having very good backups for my position will probably have to play with it this week and the rest of the season most likely unless something else REALLY messes it up even worse. So right now I'm just praying for the best and hoping that I can finish out the season.

So here are some pictures of the games thus far. (I am #68 if you can ever see me. )