Sunday, June 19, 2011

Camping at Beaver Dam State Park

Friday Ann I decided on a quick camping trip to Beaver Dam State Park.  It is only about 24 miles from Caliente.  We spend a little time hiking and just relaxing. I am continually amazed at the beauties of God's creations all around us.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Lincoln County Trials Day

Yesterday (June 4) Ann and I participated in Lincoln Counties National Trails Day I participated in a 5K run at 7:00 am, then at 9:00 AM Ann and I participated in an ATV ride. We went south out of Caliente toward Mount Ella. We made a few stops and then a stop for lunch at the Pine Canyon Dam. (a flood control dam). We saw some beautiful county. With the better rain and snow this winter and some rain this spring the county looks great. The best we have seen in several years. We had a great time. There was one other Rhino besides ours and ten 4-wheelers on the trip.