Friday, December 11, 2009

Mormon Mountain

My Dad has been going through a lot of the pictures he has taken over the years.  He found some he had taken of a cave in the Mormon Mountains he had been to years ago. The Mormon mountains are about 40 miles south of Caliente down the Rainbow Canyon. When he showed me one of the pictures, I mendtioned that we should go back there sometime. A few days later Dad asked me when we were going. So, on Tuesday (Dec 8) we loaded my Rhino on the trailer and hooked it onto Dad's truck and off we went.  The easiest way to get there is to take state and county roads down Rainbow Canyon to Carp (Carp is where Ann was first hired to teach school in 1973) then follow the Railroad south a few miles and cross over the tracks and go up into the mountain. (The county does not maintain a road south of Carp in Rainbow Canyon) Being the surveyors Dad and Cory are, they found another route to go and then climb over a mountain and down into the are where the cave is.   It was noon by the time we got to the top of the mountain so we did not have time to get to the cave.  We ate lunch and headed back down.

It was a great trip.  I enjoyed spending the day with Dad and Cory. I wish Neal could have come also.  He has a broken coller bone and could not go with us.

We unloaded the Rhino at Carp and took the truck and Rhino as far as the truck could go and then took the Rhino as far as it would go. The mountain in the back round is where we were headed.

On top of the mountain.

Looking down to where we parked the Rhino

Above is looking down the other side of the mountain we climbed. The cave is supposed to be down in there.

Below is on the way back down to the Rhino

Looking Back up to where we climbed.

Looking back to where we climbed.

A close up of where we climbed to.