Friday, June 20, 2008

BSU football camp!!

On June 14Th at 5:00 am 22 football kids and all there gear some how fit into 4 cars and headed to Boise, Idaho for a football camp. We got there about 2:00, I think, met up with another player that flew in and got checked in . Got moved into our dorms at the campus there and ate a little dinner and from then pretty much the same routine football in the morning then relax then football again. Except on Tuesday the 17 we went through the normal stuff but in the afternoon some other teams went to a water park close by but we stayed scrimmaged a little bit then went to Brenda and Andrews for a little BBQ. (you can check out pictures of that on their blog.) I figured we should put up some pictures of the actual camp its self and show you a little of what went on.