Saturday, April 19, 2008

Vica/ Skills Usa

On Monday April fourteenth I (Neal), with 12 other students headed up to Reno, Nevada for a competition called VICA. We got to the circus circus (where we were staying) about 8:00 and just explored ordered some pizza and relaxed. The next morning I got up about 6:00 along with three other kids to head down to our place where we were suppose to take our seeding test for a competition called quiz bowl. Which is just like Jeopardy but were in teams. So after that we went straight to another meeting for what seemed like 3 hours but was only 2 hours. Then finally got some lunch (which I was STARVING because I didn't have any breakfast) and right after that went and found out when we were going to compete in our quiz bowl. When we found out we only had like 40 minutes till we were going to compete so we waited down there and then finally got to our turn, with 4 other teams. After it ended we got a whomping score of 1 yeah we were completely last. Well after that we were free to do what ever we wanted so me being so tired I took a short 15 minute nap, being rudely awakened by my room mate jumping on top of me. After he did that we walked around watched some circus acts then that was the end of that day. The next morning I happened to wake up around 3 o'clock in the morning looking at the clock of course my eyes deceived me and I thought it was 6 o"clock. Thinking I was almost late for breakfast got a quick shower got into my work clothes for my cabinet making competition and almost headed out my door when my room mate said, "what are you doing in 3:30 in the morning. So I laid in in bed for about 10 minutes then falling asleep and waking up all ready to go eat some breakfast!! The cabinet making competition went good, I was actually able to finish the cabinet this year and it looks great. Even though i didn't get a medal I am still proud of my cabinet. Then Thursday after our awards ceremony we booked it out of there and headed home, getting home about 9:15 I crashed in my bed sooooooooooo glad to be in my own bed!!

So here are a few pictures of the cabinet. If any one wants one, I might build you one next year or during the summer who knows.