Saturday, December 29, 2007

An Ode to Joe

We went to In-N-Out,
So no need to pout.

The Double Double was great,
So us you must not hate.

We did this all for you,
So you better not act like a poo.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Smith reunion

Hey Everyone,
It was nice to get together for that weekend. So we'll go ahead and add our photos.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Yeah we are done!!!

Hey Everyone,

After all the blood sweat and tears, maybe not tears. We have finally done it we are all done!!! We worked from about 9:00 A.M. To about 4:00 P.M. on Saturday to complete it . We realized that the only old stuff left in the bathroom is the shower a light switch and the door so it's pretty exiting. So we just took a video of it to show everyone.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

California Trip!!!

Hey Everyone,
To start off the most reason we went to California was because Shawn (Vera's boss) and his family was gonna go on vacation so he hired Neal to go work with Vera for the week. So Kevin and Ann decided they wanted to go to San Francisco and explore Alcatraz while there. It was a fun week even though the funeral home was REALLY slow Vera and Neal had a fun time working with each other and Neal learned a whole lot from Vera teaching him and showing him stuff to do. So we decided to go ahead and post some pictures.
All in all we had a really fun time and we would like to thank Vera for letting us stay at her house and everything she did for us.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Bathroom Remodel

Finally Mom and dad decided to remodel the old bathroom. So Dad took thursday off of work to get started and when Neal got home from school he finished taking off all the old sheetrock. Friday Neal and dad took of work and school to sheetrock the bathroom and got almost all of it done Friday. So Saturday while Neal went to Cory and Melissas to get two more pieces of sheetrock left over there Dad finished getting the stuff that he could get done with pieces he had. When Neal came back he came back with Cory, Melissa, Hafen, and Hudson. While Neal, Dad, and Cory finished up the bathroom Melissa and Mom made apple sauce and made some other pumpkin stuff. With of course the help of Hafen helping on both sides. So Thursday through saturday we go alot of stuff done so we decided to post some pictures. We will post more when we get it all done.

Mom and Hafen reading

Hey everyone today (saturday) during our break of doing some other stuff Hafen and Mom were reading so I decided to take a video of it and post it on here so here you go.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Kevin and Neal go on ambulance run with Ann

Saturday afternoon we went to Panaca to watch the volleyball games. Into the 3rd game Ann's pager goes off for a call down Rainbow canyon. We thought that others would be answering the call but a few minutes later the pager goes off again. So we headed south. Kevin drove about 90 miles an hour and when we got to Caliente no one was at the ambulance barn. After a few phone calls we that Kevin and Neal would go on the ambulance with Ann.
It took 35 minutes to get the 18 miles to a one car off the road and on fire. The fire department was there with 1 EMT, and two more came after the ambulance. There were 3 men in a truck they hit a rock on the side of the narrow road and it knocked them off the road into a tree. They were all wearing seat belts but the car caught on fire. The driver helped get the other two out. The one in the back seat was badly hurt. The drive and one passenger got up the 50 foot embankment.
One of our PA's and an RN were farther down the canyon scouting out a place to rock climb when they saw the smoke.
The fire department and those two were down by the creek helping with the men when we arrived. They were requesting supplies so Kevin and Neal when down with the stuff. Ann stayed up top and helped one of the other men and handle things there.
After a while Kevin helped them bring the man up the hill and Neal was loaded with the equipment.
Kevin rode up front in the ambulance while Neal and Ann were in the back with 2 patients. Kevin kept times and mileage record and Neal got some learning experience. It took about 45 minutes to get back to the hospital. One man was flighted out on helicopter, one(the driver) was taken to Pioche to jail and one was released later.
It was a good experience for Neal and Kevin to see what Ann does, to see how she handles the ambulance.

Playoff Game

Hey Everyone,
We thought we would update you on the Lynx game on Friday November 2. The Lynx started out slow with a couple of turnovers and missed tackles in the first half. Leaving the score 14-0 at halftime in favor of Meadows. The Lynx came out of halftime fired up and ready to go, scoring a touchdown on their first possession. Then The Meadows fumbled on the kickoff and the Lynx took advantage of that and scored that drive to tie it 14-14. Both teams struggled after that to move the ball and went into overtime. Now in over time in high school, they start with a coin toss and the team can either defer or take the ball. The ball is put on the 10 yard line with four plays to score. So Meadows won the toss and choose to defer so the Lynx took the ball on the 10 yard line and scored from there. The Meadows scored after that making it 21-21. So in the second overtime Coach Ottley wanted to start on defense so the Meadows barely scored on fourth down with the extra point made it 28-21. After that the lynx moved the ball quickly and on fourth down fell a yard short. So The Meadows won it in double overtime 28-21. If you want a full detailed story with quotes and stuff like that, go to and find Meadows and Lincoln County game.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007


We will try to be the first to post holloween pictures. Mom is the only one that dressed up. Cory, Melissa, Hafen and Hudson came over as well. We wathed the kids while Cory and Melissa went to Panace for a few minutes.

Friday, October 26, 2007

This football season

The Lynx have (5-3) had a pretty good season. Their first game was a blow out against west wendover, 54-0 Next game was a struggle against enterprise, 31-28. Just a little side note, they should have gone into overtime but the refs plus the people running the clock were just not on cue. Next game they got back together and won against milford, 35-0. The next game they played was against beaver dam arizona and won, 55-8. Next game was a little diffrent then when they played West Wendover before, but still won, 59-28. Then the week after that was time for homecoming which most everyone was there when they dominated White Pine 63-0. Next game was a struggle when they went to The Meadows and barely lost, 28-20. And also lost some players for a couple of weeks, Dutch Barklay when he dislocated his elbow, and Neal to a twisted ankle in the fourth quarter, but both of them are fine after a couple of weeks of rest. Next game was also a struggle against Needles, 40-13. Still with Dutch and Neal out. But now they are all ready for playoffs.

So we decided to post some pictures of some of the games.

Playoff time!!

Hey Everyone,

For our first blog we would like to notify everyone that the Lincoln County Lynx have made it to the playoffs. Their first game is November 3, @ The Meadows in Las Vegas at 1:00. So if any one wants to try to make it down there it will be fun.

But anyways as most of you know we travled to Boisie for a football camp in the summer so we decided to post some pictures of that.