Wednesday, October 31, 2007


We will try to be the first to post holloween pictures. Mom is the only one that dressed up. Cory, Melissa, Hafen and Hudson came over as well. We wathed the kids while Cory and Melissa went to Panace for a few minutes.

Friday, October 26, 2007

This football season

The Lynx have (5-3) had a pretty good season. Their first game was a blow out against west wendover, 54-0 Next game was a struggle against enterprise, 31-28. Just a little side note, they should have gone into overtime but the refs plus the people running the clock were just not on cue. Next game they got back together and won against milford, 35-0. The next game they played was against beaver dam arizona and won, 55-8. Next game was a little diffrent then when they played West Wendover before, but still won, 59-28. Then the week after that was time for homecoming which most everyone was there when they dominated White Pine 63-0. Next game was a struggle when they went to The Meadows and barely lost, 28-20. And also lost some players for a couple of weeks, Dutch Barklay when he dislocated his elbow, and Neal to a twisted ankle in the fourth quarter, but both of them are fine after a couple of weeks of rest. Next game was also a struggle against Needles, 40-13. Still with Dutch and Neal out. But now they are all ready for playoffs.

So we decided to post some pictures of some of the games.

Playoff time!!

Hey Everyone,

For our first blog we would like to notify everyone that the Lincoln County Lynx have made it to the playoffs. Their first game is November 3, @ The Meadows in Las Vegas at 1:00. So if any one wants to try to make it down there it will be fun.

But anyways as most of you know we travled to Boisie for a football camp in the summer so we decided to post some pictures of that.