Saturday, April 11, 2009

General Conference

Last weekend Ann, Neal and I traveled to Salt Lake City for General Conference and to visit Alma, Mattie and Family, and Jeanette and Jeff. We traveled up on Saturday arrived in time to attend Ann's Sister Karens Easter Egg Hunt. Most of Anns family that lives around Salt Lake were there. Many of them we had not seen for some time. It was a great time. Saturday Evening, Ann, Jeanette and Matti went out to dinner while Alma, Neal, Jeff and I went to the Priesthood session then we went to dinner. We had tickets to the Sunday afternoon session so Ann, Neal and I traveled to downtown on the Trax and watched the morning session in the tabernacle and then attended the afternoon session in the Conference Center. When we got back to Jeanette and Jeff's house they had the news on TV. The station had a report on the afternoon session of conference. To our surprise we were in the report!!.

I have attached a link to the report: (Pause the video at Frame 21)