Monday, December 29, 2008

Friday, December 19, 2008


So after a week of snow and a week of riding the four wheeler everyday I remembered to take pictures. Dad took some pictures on thursday of when it snowed over 4 or so inches in one night. On friday I went up to a hill that someone is trying to put a house development on. With my new camera Mom and Dad gave me for my brithday I took some pictures.

Senior ball

Well December 13Th came and Bonnie Clark and I headed over to St. George. After meeting two of her sisters and shopping a little, We ate lunch then headed over to her sisters house so Bonnies sister could do her hair for the dance. I was just sitting there waiting and one of Bonnies twin sisters (Rachel) Friend came over and picked Rachel up to go repelling they asked me if i wanted to go so I said sure why not. So we went it was a blast. I knew a storm was coming in and wanted to head home earlier but Bonnie wanted to stay still exactly four so I waited. As we were driving back I saw where exactly the storm was it was just a question of when we would meet it. We ran into the storm about Veyo. Traffic slowed to about 20-25 mph all the way to enterprise. We pulled into the gas station in enterprise to see if the weather would let up. So after some waiting ( it was about 30 minutes) i decided to try it. Yeah it was so slippery I couldn't even get out of the parking lot. So i pulled back in and I called mom and dad and Bonnie called her brother and sister and they said stay there and they would come pick us up in there four wheel drive truck. So after sitting in the gas station/ store for about 2 and a half hours. They showed up. The senior ball promenade started at nine and we pulled in Panaca about 9:30 so we decided to skip it a) we were not really ready for it. b) by the time we got to Caliente got changed then headed back it would be over. So we went to Bonnies house and tried to watch a movie but I had a hard time staying awake, so I headed home. But the next day for church she wore her dress and I wore my tux, and after wards we took some pictures. So here they are.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Tree Hunting

Yesterday (December 13) Mom (Ann) and I (Kevin) decided to take the Rhino up toward Mount Elly to find a Christmas Tree. We knew a storm was coming in later in the day, so we left around 8:00 am. We ended up going all the way up to Mount Elly. It is a beautiful view from up there. We enjoyed the ride and found our Christmas Tree.
On the way up, there is this beautiful stand of ponderosa Pines.

I never cease to be amazed at the beauty of Gods creations.