Sunday, March 27, 2011

My First 5 K Run

A couple of months ago, my sister Gina told me about a 5K run in Ivins Ut at the Tuacahn Theater.  I decided to register and participate in the race. The race was yesterday March 26.  It was a new experience.  There were around 600 people participating. My Dad, and Gina also participated and finished the race.  My time was 28 Minutes 25 Seconds.  I finished 33rd Overall, 1st of the men in my age group, 19th out of the men, and 1st in my age group.  Not to bad for a 58 year old that didn't even like running when I was young!  It was fun and glad I am glad I participated.

Ann took some pictures:

                                          This is the finish line.  I am behind the post.


Cristie and girls said...

That's fantastic! Way to go!!! (Do you have any pic's of Dad? If so, can you email me a couple?)

GSmith said...

You are ahead of Amanda from the biggest loser TV show!! haha. way to go!!
Thank you again for going! It was WAY fun!- even in the rain!

Vera said...

Congratulations, dad ... You are awesome!!!

The Picanco Family said...

Great job, Dad. You did an amazing job!